Consulting Services


Our consulting offerings are tailored to meet the unique complexities of each organization.

We have expertise in working with many types of organizations covering various industries and scope:

Customer Industry Type:

  • Financial

  • Government

  • Technology

  • Defense

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Media

Customer Scope:

  • 1,000 to > 40,000 users

  • 2,000 to > 600,000 assets and/or configuration items


Program Assessments


ITam Atelier identifies, quantifies and prioritizes opportunities and challenges within your Service, Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) program to help you build a value-driven operational model and business transformation plan.


Demonstrate the achievement of “Return on Investment” (ROI) for an improved business operations model. Increasing transparency and customer satisfaction, while reducing operational risk and cost.


IT Risk & Cost Remediation


Identify immediate opportunities to remove and remediate program risk & cost. ITam Atelier’s experience assists organizations to rapidly identify, quantify and remediate program risk and cost.


By understanding the customer environment, ITam Atelier works with program sponsors to identify and quantify risks. This information is utilized to prioritize the remediation plan.  


Solution Design


Address the entire IT Service Management ecosystem, or targeted processes and their supporting procedures to achieve the target objective.

ITam Atelier has demonstrated leadership in architecting, designing, and transitioning organizations from their current IT managed state, to a more effective and efficient IT operating model.


ITam Atelier takes a systems approach when establishing an operational framework which address specific business functions that are comprised of organization, process, and tool elements. Various levels of controls are embedded in each of the elements that increase program transparency and data accuracy.


Definition of Operational Procedures


ITam Atelier has extensive experience in designing, implementing and managing operational procedures that monitor the performance and health of the managed business function.


ITam Atelier defines the supporting processes and the operational procedures that encompass the underling active and re-active controls to ensure data quality and resource accountability.


Program/Project Management


Leverage ITam Atelier’s extensive program & project experience and business transformation methodologies to deploy and manage an organization’s SACM infrastructure.


Throughout their 22 years of experience, ITam Atelier has successfully managed programs/ projects.  Their real-world experiences enabled the development of skillsets utilized to steer programs / projects through challenges to a successful conclusion. Allowing their customers to successfully manage their IT environment with an enhanced toolset, controls, reporting dashboards, and process efficiency.


Service & Technology Assessments


ITam Atelier has extensive experience and a methodology that enables the assessment of service and technology vendors.

Resulting in a quantitative analysis of the technology or service offering that justifies the vendor selection.


ITam Atelier utilizes a scoring format to consider the various dimensions of the considered tool or vendor capability.

Resulting in an analysis that generates comparative scoring that is utilized to assist in quantifying the technology or vendor selection under consideration.