What is ITam Atelier

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Benito Esquenazi, founder and  principle of ITam Atelier.

ITam Atelier works with your company to realize value from your IT investment.


Our focus is on effectively realizing a rapid return-on-investment by reducing your risks and costs. Ensuring compliance to technological and business standards, without compromising the strategic maturity of your program.

We specialize in:​

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM)

Service-Asset and Configuration Management (SACM)

With over 22 years of experience in designing, deploying and managing programs; we enable the achievement of your full operational potential.

ITam = Information Technology Asset Management

noun: a service that oversees and controls the IT hardware, software and/or related components of a Business Entity, including financial, operational, contractual, and/or security requirements.

Atelier = (French atuh-lyey)

noun: an artist's studio or workshop

The Science + Art of IT Management = ITAM Atelier

The name “ITam Atelier” reflects the thoughtful approach we apply to our projects. Combining this discipline’s body-of-knowledge (the science) with our vast practical industry experiences and creative solutions (the art). Resulting in a business transformation that is uniquely tailored to a client’s technological capabilities and organizational culture.

Rapid identification & remediation of software risk

Program and Platform Assessments

Design and implementations of Software Asset Management (SAM) programs

Design and implementations of Service, Asset & Configuration Management programs