What is ITam Atelier

Benito Esquenazi, founder and  principle of ITam Atelier.

ITam Atelier works with your company to realize value from your IT investment.


Our focus is on effectively realizing a rapid return-on-investment by reducing your risks and costs. Ensuring compliance to technological and business standards, without compromising the strategic maturity of your program.

We specialize in:​

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM)

Service-Asset and Configuration Management (SACM)

With over 22 years of experience in designing, deploying and managing programs; we enable the achievement of your full operational potential.

ITam = Information Technology Asset Management

noun: a service that oversees and controls the IT hardware, software and/or related components of a Business Entity, including financial, operational, contractual, and/or security requirements.

Atelier = (French atuh-lyey)

noun: an artist's studio or workshop

The Science + Art of IT Management = ITAM Atelier

The name “ITam Atelier” reflects the thoughtful approach we apply to our projects. Combining this discipline’s body-of-knowledge (the science) with our vast practical industry experiences and creative solutions (the art). Resulting in a business transformation that is uniquely tailored to a client’s technological capabilities and organizational culture.

Rapid identification & remediation of software risk

Program and Platform Assessments

Design and implementations of Software Asset Management (SAM) programs

Design and implementations of Service, Asset & Configuration Management programs